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State Birds

Put Your State Bird On Your Phone

Don't like the Bald Eagle? Think its call is too wimpy for a ringtone? Then put the song of your state's bird on your phone instead.

Starting with Alabama's Yellowhammer, all the way to Wyoming's Western Meadowlark (to right), just pick your state on the map below and you'll find your state bird's ringtone, as well as interesting facts and tidbits.*

If you'd rather think nationally and prefer to get a Bald Eagle ringtone, click here. And don't forget – Benjamin Franklin thought the Wild Turkey a better national bird. Click here to get a turkey ringtone.

Want to choose by bird species?

Use the list below:

*Note: We currently have ringtones for 46 states. The four not featured are Delaware's Blue Hen Chicken and the Rhode Island Red, because eNature generally does not include domestic animals in our features, as well as Oklahoma's Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and the Nene of Hawaii, for which we don't have good audio recordings of their calls to use as ringtones.



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