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Mating Calls

Coyote (ringtone)
Canis latrans
You can hear the howl of a coyote seeking a mate just about anywhere in the U.S. now.
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Steller Sea Lion (ringtone)
Steller Sea Lion
Eumetopias jubatus
These sea lions are busy—mating again within two weeks of giving birth!
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Plains Spadefoot (ringtone)
Plains Spadefoot
Spea bombifrons
If you hear this call, watch where you're standing. An amorous Spadefoot is probably underfoot!
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Howler Monkey (ringtone)
Howler Monkey
Alouatta pigra
The Howler Monkey is certainly one of the loudest creatures in all the Americas.
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Douglas' Squirrel
Tamiasciurus douglasii
These noisy squirrels are fun to watch and prolific breeders, often producing two broods annually.
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Elk (bugling) (ringtone)
Elk (bugling)
Cervus elaphus
Lady elk just can't resist the distinctive bugling call of the magnificent bull elk.
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Snowy Tree Cricket (ringtone)
Snowy Tree Cricket
Oecanthus fultoni
Male crickets make this call until their mate arrives—then things get interesting.
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Pine Barrens Tree Frog (ringtone)
Pine Barrens Tree Frog
Hyla andersonii
Who knew that New Jersey was home to an endangered species of treefrog?
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American Alligator (ringtone)
American Alligator
Alligator mississippiensis
Alligators experience a biological slowdown in the winter months.
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