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How To Load a Ringtone On Your Phone

The overview below explains in general terms how to download and install a ringtone on your cell phone. It's not hard and you'll enjoy hearing your fun, new ringtone.

Each phone and carrier does things a little differently, so you may have to experiment a bit with your phone. That's OK—it's really quite easy and you can't break anything. And you'll learn more about all those cool features on your phone that you've never used!

So how does this work?

We can make these ringtones free for you because we've partnered with Myxer, one of the internet's leading mobile content companies. This means we can bypass the carriers (think Verizon, ATT and the rest) and the fees they charge to deliver ringtones to users.

We'll send you a ringtone—all you've got to do is:

  • Play it on your phone, and then…
  • Save it as a ringtone.

Most phones make this very easy to do—it's almost automatic. And we've described the process in detail below for anyone who needs that little bit of extra advice or who's phone is a little cranky.

And one final, important note. Our partners at Myxer are able to send ringtones to most cell phone models on most carrier networks, but there are just too many combinations (tens of thousands!) and technical obstacles for either us or Myxer to guarantee that we can always deliver a ringtone to your phone. In the vast majority of circumstances we can, but occasionally it's just not possible. If you're one of those folk we can't yet reach, please know that we're constantly working to be able to deliver a ringtone to every phone that can play one.

So get started downloading tones's wildlife ringtones and have some fun!

Getting the ringtone to your phone and playing it

Once you enter your cell phone number and select the "Send it to my phone" link on, we'll send a text message to your phone that will deliver your ringtone. Depending on your phone and carrier, one of two things will happen.

The most likely scenario is that when you open this message you will see it includes a web link (e.g. http://wap.mxr). While phones vary, most allow you to "Go To" the link by either using your phone menu or selecting the link directly. Once you have done so, you will see a screen where you can select to "download" the ringtone, or it may begin downloading automatically. Once downloading is complete, you're ready to play and save the ringtone on your phone (see, Saving the ringtone on your phone, below).

Alternatively, we sometimes see (and this seems to happen most often with folks using Verizon Wireless) that the text message will have the ringtone embedded right in it. You won't see any link in the text message, the ringtone simply starts to play 10-15 seconds after you open it. When you hear the sound—you're ready to save it as a ringtone.

Saving the ringtone on your phone

Once your phone is playing the ringtone, you're almost done. All that's left to do is "save" it or "store" it to your phone. You can almost always find the "save" or "store" command by hitting the menu key on your phone during or just after the ringtone plays. Once the ringtone is saved on your phone, you may again need to use your menu to "apply" it as your phone's ringtone.

Once you've saved the ringtone, you're done. And remember, most phones will let you download multiple ringtones, which you can assign to specific people in your contacts list—so different folks can have different sounds assigned to them. Think of the fun you can have doing that!

Additional assistance

If you're having difficultly, please visit our Help section, which offers several troubleshooting solutions.

Also, there is plenty of information on the Web about using ringtones. Conduct a Google search using your phone type, carrier and the word "ringtone" in the search terms (e.g. Google "Motorola V330 ATT ringtones") and you're likely to find info about loading tones onto your particular phone.

Thanks for reading and have fun!



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