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Polar Bears In Hot Pursuit Of Love
Posted on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 by eNature
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bears are strong swimmers
Polar Bears are strong swimmers

Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the Arctic air.

So what’s the best place for a male Polar Bear to meet a potential mate?

The experts recommend going to a prime seal-hunting spot. But finding such a spot is only the beginning of the challenge.

Nature Doesn’t Make It Easy
One reason a male Polar Bear must work overtime for a date is that females of the species don’t breed every year or even every other year. A female Polar Bear usually breeds only once every three years, which means that males outnumber eligible females three-to-one at the start of breeding season in the spring.

So competition for female attention is fierce, and males must fight one another, sometimes viciously, for the privilege of mating.

The Girls Can Play Hard To Get
Further complicating matters is the fact that female Polar Bears enjoy a good chase and will lead pursuing males across the ice for miles and miles.

In some cases, a chase can cover more than sixty miles—not for the timid or the weak of heart.

And we all thought it was tough to get a date to the Prom!



This is real interisting, much implessed with your tecnnique.

Posted by Thomas T Berge on 2/2

Loved your info on polar bears.  Didn’t know about the three years between matings.  Keep the interesting stuff comin’.

Posted by sandy z on 2/2

I truly appreciate these updates of information, along with the bold, beautiful pictures: it’s a great break in my day, and I can share this information with my students.

Thank you, and keep up the great work you all are doing wink.

Posted by Veronica Gaines-Lilly on 2/2

I read where the female polar bear digs a hole in the ice for her den to have her cubs and that global warming is causing the ice to melt the dens too soon.  This leaves the cubs vulnerable to the elements and their enemies before the cubs are able to follow their mothers.  That is awful!  Polar Bears also cannot get the seals they need to eat because the pack ice is melting and the bears have to swim too many miles to get from one piece of ice to another.What a shame that this is all happening…and maybe we are what is at fault.

Posted by Karen on 2/2

There is no longer any doubt that humans and their pollutants are killing off species and creating climate change. We need people in office who will put the environment before profits-or- we won’t have any environment left for humans!

Posted by Idajane Dalpino on 2/2
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