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The World’s Most Amazing Nose?
Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2011 by eNature

Bulbous, hooked, Roman, button . . . noses come in all shapes and sizes.

But no nose, not even Pinocchio’s famous pool cue or the latest Hollywood starlet’s, quite compares to the wondrous proboscis of a certain small mole.

The Star-nosed Mole is a dark little creature that burrows in muck. It can swim, too—no other mole can swim. But what most sets it apart is that distinctive nose, which looks more like a misplaced sea anemone than a nasal appliance.

The nose consists of twenty-two small tentacles. Together these tentacles contain some 25,000 touch sensors and 100,000 nerve fibers, and these make the nose several times more sensitive than a human hand. No wonder the Star-nosed Mole is said to possess the best sense of touch of all animals.

So don’t forget this little guy next time you hear about the benefits of a nose-job—sometimes you just can’t improve on nature!

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That mole is really ugly!

Posted by Rachel Kleint on 4/30

I’ve seen one and it was so hard to look at.  Very ugly!

Posted by Marg on 4/30

That is some mole you have!

Posted by Donna Nothe-Choiniere on 5/1

AWWW….I’m sure its mommy doesn’t think it’s ugly…and what an amazing sense of smell it must have. I wonder if it has to make a “nose-fist” when it burrows into mud to keep all that mud from being pushed up its nose?

Posted by KAT on 5/1

Once, many years ago, I noticed a little mole walking along the edge of my apt. parking lot(Princeton grad housing off West Dr in Princeton) and saw it fall into the storm drain. I needed to be somewhere so I did not stop. When I returned some hours later I checked the drain and sure enough the poor little mole was stuck down there. My son, who was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and I lowered a small plastic bucket down into the drain. I got a long stick and gently nudged the mole into the bucket. We hoisted him up and while he was still alive he was looking very poorly. He lived only a very short while (less than an hour)and I have always felt bad for not stopping to rescue him immediately. He was, as are all creatures if you look at them closely and with out prejudice, exquisitely beautiful.We buried him in our garden.

Posted by Penny on 5/1

Talpa europea swims too.
Guido Lek, Groningen,the Netherlands

Posted by Guido Lek on 5/1

Cthulhu Mole!

Posted by Julia on 5/2


Posted by Sonia on 5/2

I think many of us have stories like yours Penny,
just last year a squirrels nest fell to the ground after a storm and three baby squirrels were still in, I placed a ladder against the tree and put the nest in a basket and hung it as close to the original spot as I could but after I checked on them a week or so later they all had died, I probably could have nursed them for a while and then released them, who knows?

Posted by CJ on 5/2

I found one of these creatures (dead) in a basement window well in October 2010.  I live in Jackson, WI, about 32 miles north of Milwaukee.  Now I know what it was!

Posted by Pam on 5/5

Moles will really do some damage in your yard. They really tear up your lawn and they are hard to get rid of. And yes, they are some ugly moles.

Posted by ron boyer on 5/5

I disagree with those who say this mole is ugly - I think they’re adorable!  Well, except when they eat….yuck!

Posted by Stevie on 5/5

@Penny: You are fabulous… and you’ve taught your son to appreciate and even assist the marvelous creatures who struggle to continue existing in the manmade world. Kudos to you.

Posted by Lydia on 5/5

This creature is the only thing that 1 of my cats caught that actually made me scream…the picture doesn’t do it justice.  way ceepier in the flesh.

Posted by Candy on 5/5

Years ago my small son came running in from the back yard yelling that cat caught a"moose .....I mean a mouse” We both ran out and there was a mole chirping furiously and trying to rear up in the cats face.Now this is a big mean cat.Actually at that moment he was a big confused and embarrassed cat. Anyway this guy bought himself enough time to be rescued. For years we have told the tale of ‘The Brave Little Mole’                Mindy

Posted by Melinda Weiner on 5/5

Melinda and Candy give great credence to why people need to keep their pet cats indoor. The damage they cause to small mammals and birds in terms of the number they kill is almost beyond calculation! Please keep your cats indoors!!!!

Posted by John Turner on 5/5

Actually this was not a house pet[ although there is hope of that in his old age].He was a feral that I had fixed. Thanks for the reminder not to let cats run. I just thought that my story was interesting.
Oh well…....                            Mindy

Posted by Melinda Weiner on 5/5

Mindy: It was an interesting and funny story (since the mole was saved!). And its wonderful you had the cat fixed. 


Posted by John Turner on 5/5

Be on gaurd, for in your yard;
There are many holes that may contain Moles…

They look like they could come from the Platypus family.


Posted by Bill on 5/5

Walking on my lawn is like trying to surf… there are moles and voles all over the place.  I would no sooner kill them than kill a cat or a dog….for what?  greener grass?  They are underground and are welcome to stay—I simply plant “critter resistant” flowers, bushes, and trees.  Respect all living creatures!  Leave the animals alone and be vegetarian!  It is so much less violent a lifestyle.

Posted by Donna on 5/6

I think he’s actually kind of cute!

Posted by Cyndy on 5/8
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