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Watch The Moon Disappear Before Your Eyes—Don’t Miss This Friday’s Lunar Eclipse!
There’s a penumbral lunar eclipse happening across all of North America the evening of Friday, February 10th. The full moon will get noticeably less bright as it moves out of the sun’s direct light and into the Earth’s shadow shortly afternoon sundown on the East Coast What Exactly Is A…

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Think You Know The Ways Of Love? The Smith’s Longspur Puts Any Don Juan To Shame!
Are you the sort that has an insatiable appetite for lusty affairs?  Do you seek the same qualities in a partner? Then you’ll probably enjoy the story of the Smith’s Longspur. This bird’s 70’s swinging style is enough to make even Hugh Hefner blush. Arctic Summers, Midwest Winters Small like…

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Valentine’s Day: It’s Not Just For Us Humans—There’s A Lot Of Love Happening In The Wild Too!
Some folks love it, others dread it. But no matter what your feelings about Valentine’s Day, there’s no avoiding it. And it’s not just humans— animals in the wild are succumbing to Cupid’s arrows as well.  Take a a walk through your backyard or a backcountry hike and you’ll likely…

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These Birds Laugh At The Cold—Chickadees Use All Kinds Of Tricks To Keep Warm
Though any bird that survives winter in the North amazes those of us that depend on furnaces and warm blankets, the black-capped chickadee may be the most incredible of all winter survivors. “Black-capped Chickadees have a wonderful assortment of adaptations for the winter,” said biologist Susan M. Smith, who has…

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