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What’s The Difference Between The Dark And White Meat Of Your Thanksgiving Turkey?
While we come together as friends and families at Thanksgiving gatherings, once at the table, many of us divide into two separate and oppositional camps: those who prefer the legs and thighs of our traditional bird for their dark meat, versus those who opt for the whiter breast meat. We…

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How’s Menu This Sound For Thanksgiving Dinner?  Slugs, Grubs, and a Side of Poison Ivy!
As we sit down to big Thanksgiving meals this time of year, it’s also fun to think a bit about what’s on the table of various species of wildlife. Taken as a whole, the animals of our world eat just about every conceivable thing imaginable, from juicy berries and fresh-caught…

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Can You Tell A Wattle From A Snood?  Let’s Talk Turkey About Our Favorite Bird
It’s almost Thanksgiving and many of us are thinking about our annual feast and the turkey that’s often at the center of it. But how much do you know about the creature that many folks think is our REAL national bird? Turkeys are interesting birds— they’re large, colorful and hard…

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Don’t Miss Monday’s Supermoon
November’s full moon is special this year.  It’s not only a supermoon — which looks larger to skywatchers than a “regular” full moon — it will be the closest full moon to Earth since January 1948!  NASA says we won’t see a full moon this large again until Nov. 25,…

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Please Be Sure To Wear A Poppy On Veteran’s Day
Will you be wearing a poppy this Friday on Veterans Day? Many people around the world find wearing a poppy a respectful way to honor the service and sacrifice of others. Poppies have been associated with Veterans Day since its first observance, as Armistice Day, in 1919.  While often seen…

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It’s More Than The Punchline Of A Bad Joke—Just How Do Porcupines Mate?
We’re getting close to the time of year when porcupines begin feeling frisky. But that’s not the real news. The real news is that porcupines are able mate without inflicting serious harm on one another.  As you might guess and, as the old joke goes, a porcupine has to proceed…

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