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Nature’s Olympics— Who’s Really The Fastest And Strongest ?
The Rio Olympics opened last week and some of the world’s most remarkable athletes are pursuing Olympic Gold. Nature, on the other hand, doesn’t award medals.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t see some remarkable performances in Nature’s Olympics. Athleticism, speed, strength, power, endurance, which we celebrate in the events…

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Don’t Miss The Peak Of Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight
The annual Perseid meteor shower should be very visible in the night sky this week, with the peak expected tonight a bit after midnight into the early morning as well as tomorrow night.  And by a very fortunate coincidence, there will be little or no moon light to make the…

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Is A Pawpaw Fruit or Vegetable?  And What Does One Taste Like?
Pawpaw season has arrived in the Eastern US.  The season doesn’t last long, so you’ll have to move quickly if you’d like to find some. So just what is a pawpaw, other than something many of us sang about as children? And what the heck does one taste like? It’s…

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Why Do Birds Enjoy A “Dust Bath” So Much?
Have you ever seen a bird rolling around on the ground as if it were having a spasm? Chances are the bird is either dusting, anting, or sunning, all in the interest of keeping its feathers and body healthy. A Dust Bath To Stay Healthy Care of feathers is a…

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