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Despite The News Reports, It’s A Lot Safer Than You Might Think Out There!
Every summer, the news is full of reports of folks encountering wildlife in unexpected places. And this summer has been no exception— there have been reports of people unexpectedly encountering bears, sharks, mountain lions and even beavers. Given all that, it’s good to know that it’s a lot safer out…

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It’s HOT out!  Adding A Little Water Will Make Your Yard Irresistible To Birds
Because many birds do not eat seeds, suet or sugar water, there is another way to draw them in from the natural cover for close-up viewing. Water. In various forms, water will attract the insect- and worm-eating birds that would not otherwise be drawn to your yard. And water is…

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Blue Streak Special— Why Do Young Skinks Have Blue Tails?
There’s a rustling in the leaves. You look to see what made the sound, and bam—a blue streak vanishes into the duff. Was it a snake? A lizard? Was that intense cobalt color even real? Yes, it was real. The creature responsible for the streak was a lizard called a…

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Do You Know How To Treat A Snakebite?
It’s the height of summer and folks throughout the country are visiting parks, hiking through the woods, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.  At the same time, lots of other, non-human, creatures are on the move.  Chances are high you might encounter a snake or two if you’re out.  But don’t…

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