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Can You Tell The Difference Between An Alligator And A Crocodile?
A Florida couple recently had a late night encounter with what they thought was an American Crocodile while taking a moon-light kayak trip.  From the pictures in the media afterwards, they’re fortunate to be around to tell the story. While the jury is still out on whether what they met…

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What’s Your Favorite Baby Animal Name?
It’s spring and the time for baby animals to start arriving in all types of habitats. While we all know about colts, calves and eaglets—even experienced naturalists sometimes can’t remember the names for certain species. The various and oftentimes bizarre names used to describe animal offspring are often stumpers to…

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Are Your Local Birds Singing All Night Long?  Here’s A List Of The Likely Culprits
Is something (or someone) keeping you awake these spring nights?  Waking you up before sunrise? Many questions come to eNature about night birds calling and other weird and incessant noises in the dark.  It seems that there’s a lot of activity taking place when most of us expect our birds…

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