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Can A Groundhog Tell Us If The End Of Winter Is Near?
Tuesday is Groundhog Day and groundhogs are receiving A LOT of media attention.  And Punxsutawney Phil is preparing to deliver his forecast early that morning We’ve received a number of inquiries about this furry, kind-of-cute rodent from readers. Groundhogs clearly aren’t related to pigs or hogs—so what exactly are they?…

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Valentine’s Day: It’s Not Just For Humans—There’s A Lot Of Loving In The Wild Too!
Some folks love it, others dread it. But no matter what your feelings about Valentine’s Day, there’s no avoiding it. And it’s not just humans— animals in the wild are succumbing to Cupid’s arrows as well.  Take a a walk through your backyard or a backcountry hike and you’ll likely…

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Is Every Snowflake Really Unlike Any Other?
Snow is falling in many parts of the Eastern U.S. today—and the countless kids are catching snowflakes on their tongues as the play outside. And almost without fail, one question comes up….  is it true that no two snowflakes are alike? How Do Snowflakes Get Made? A snowflake forms inside…

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The Frog That Imitates A Popsicle
When winter arrives in the Arctic, the temperature drops, and the Wood Frog responds accordingly—in a behavior that sounds like something from a science fiction movie. It lets itself get deep-freezed. A Living Ice Cube? First the frog drifts into a deep sleep, then its heart stops, its breathing stops,…

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