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Watch The Moon Disappear Before Your Eyes—Don’t Miss This Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse!
There’s a total lunar eclipse happening across all of North America the night of Sunday, September 27th.  A total lunar eclipse occurs when the full Moon passes through the dark inner core of the Earth’s shadow, which is called the umbra. In recent years, the term Blood Moon has become…

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Autumn’s Bounty Often Turns Some Carnivores Into Carb-loving Vegans!
What would you expect a Grizzly Bear to eat when fattening up for winter? Caribou? Salmon? How about a nice fruit salad? Yes, some of our most celebrated carnivores become vegetarians in the fall. Even the largest terrestrial predator, the Grizzly Bear, turns into a berry specialist at this time…

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Here’s The Best Birdseed To Put In Your Feeder This Fall
Fall is all but in the air in many parts of the country—and it’s a time of the year when many people think about feeding birds in their backyards. We’re not sure why this happens only in autumn, because feeding birds throughout the year has many rewards. Yet, autumn is…

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Fall Is Here…  How Does Wildlife Adapt To Shorter Days?
With the fall equinox about to happen and fall well underway in most of the United States, we’re now seeing our days rapidly getting shorter.  Some of us like the change but it seems most folks aren’t too happy to see the days get cooler and nights get longer. Plants…

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Watching Migrating Hawks Makes For A Perfect Fall Day— And Here’s Where See Them
Every fall, millions of birds fly south to spend the winter in sunny places with mild climates and plentiful food. Most smaller birds migrate under the cover of darkness, stopping to fuel up on insects or seeds by day and using the stars to guide them at night. Hawks, by…

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