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Watch The Puffin Burrow LIVE
Watch The Puffin Burrow - LIVE. Atlantic Puffins spend most of their time at sea — coming to land each spring to breed in colonies on northern seacoasts and rocky islands, like Seal Island in Maine, home to the puffins visible on our live cam. These colorful pigeon-sized birds lay…

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Watch An Octopus Escape Through A One Inch Diameter Hole
Octopuses have a remarkable ability to squeeze through tiny spots such as crevices, cracks and holes. The video above was taken by Bermuda Institute of Ocean Studies student Raymond Deckel and vividly shows this amazing ability. Deckel shot this video while investigating just how small a hole they can fit…

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So What Kind Of Creature Is A Ringtail?  A Cat? A Raccoon?  Or Something Else Entirely?
There’s an intriguing mammal that most folks have never heard of living in parts of the United States— the Ringtail. The Ringtail is a small ground-dwelling mammal found in the arid regions of the Western US and is known by a number of common names including Ring-tailed Cat, Civet Cat…

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Cliff Swallows, Like Cowbirds, Are Known To Leave The Parenting To Others
How many parents have longed to leave raising an obstreperous child to some other person….  For some birds, it actually happens. Cliff Swallows are colonial—that is, they nest in colonies, sometimes numbering in the thousands of birds. In many ways the members of a colony appear to display remarkable social…

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This Little Mole Species Has A Face Only A Mother Could Love!
Bulbous, hooked, Roman, button . . . noses come in all shapes and sizes. But no nose, not even Pinocchio’s famous pool cue or the latest Hollywood starlet’s, quite compares to the wondrous proboscis of a certain small mole. The Star-nosed Mole is a dark little creature that burrows in…

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