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Don’t Miss Tonight’s Meteor Shower
There’s a big event happening overhead tonight. Late tonight (Friday) night into the early morning, most of North America will get a chance see a brand-new meteor shower.  And there‚Äôs a high likelihood that that the shower of shooting stars will become a torrential meteor storm and provide a spectacular…

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How Some Mother Birds Leave The Parenting To Others
How many parents have longed to leave raising an obstreperous child to some other person….  For some birds, it actually happens. Cliff Swallows are colonial—that is, they nest in colonies, sometimes numbering in the thousands of birds. In many ways the members of a colony appear to display remarkable social…

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How To Avoid Poison Ivy and Poison Oak— And Treat Them If Disaster Strikes
Knowing how to avoid poison ivy is a good skill—but you should also know what to do if you happen to encounter it. As we move into the summer season, people across the country will celebrate and enjoy it by taking weekend hikes through places scenic and undisturbed. Most of…

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Why Do Some Birds Sing Through The Night?
Is something (or someone) keeping you awake these spring nights?  Waking you up before sunrise? Many questions come to eNature about night birds calling and other weird and incessant noises in the dark.  It seems that there’s a lot of activity taking place when most of us expect our birds…

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It’s Spring And Wildlife Is Everywhere, But It’s Safer Than You Might Think Out There!
It’s Spring and animals are on the move, so the news is full of reports of folks encountering wildlife in unexpected places. And this year has been no exception— there have been reports of people unexpectedly encountering bears, sharks, mountain lions and even beavers. Given all that, it’s good to…

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