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Be Sure To Catch The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower This Sunday
The annual Perseid meteor shower should be visible in the night sky for the next few nights, with the peak expected this Saturday night/Sunday morning through Sunday night/Monday morning.  If your local weather cooperates, the best night for viewing is looking to be Sunday night— really more early Sunday morning. …

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What Do Pawpaws Taste Like?  And Where Can You Find Some?
Pawpaw season will arrive soon in the Eastern US.  So just what is a pawpaw, other than something many of us sang about as children? And what the heck does one taste like? It’s actually an interesting story… The Common Pawpaw is the northernmost New World representative of a chiefly…

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What Happens To Young Birds As They Leave Their Nest?
It’s happening all around us right now— young birds are leaving their nests and striking out on their own.  We at eNature have been watching the Osprey on the Chesapeake Bay fledging over the past few weeks.  When your nest if over water as most osprey do, you better be…

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