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Valentine’s Day In The Wild— There’s A Lot Going On Out There!
Some folks love it, others dread it. But no matter what your feelings about Valentine’s Day, there’s no avoiding it. And it’s not just humans— animals in the wild are succumbing to Cupid’s arrows as well.  Take a a walk through your backyard or a backcountry hike and you’ll likely…

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Which Heart Is Bigger-  A Whale’s Or A Hummingbird’s?
Think those heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates are impressive? Compared to the size of a human heart perhaps. But a whale’s heart dwarfs even those samplers that require weightlifters to hoist them. Picture a heart the size of a car. That’s what a Blue Whale possesses—a heart that deserves its…

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The Smith’s Longspur May Be Nature’s Champion Romeo
Are you the type that has an insatiable appetite for lusty affairs?  Do you seek the same qualities in a partner? Then you’ll probably enjoy the story of the Smith’s Longspur. This bird’s 70’s swinging style is enough to make even Hugh Hefner blush. Small like a sparrow, the Smith’s…

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Ravens Do More Than Play Football
While the Baltimore Ravens are getting all the attention these days, the wild ravens who are their namesake are the truly remarkable story.  And while not dismissing their cousin crows as the boring wallflowers of the party, ravens have a story of their own that’s worth knowing. And it’s one…

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Polar Bears In Pursuit Of Love— It Can Be A Long Chase!
Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the Arctic air. So what’s the best place for a male Polar Bear to meet a potential mate? The experts recommend going to a prime seal-hunting spot. But finding such a spot is only the beginning of the challenge. Nature Doesn’t…

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