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Is Holiday Mistletoe Really The “Kiss of Death”?
Almost all of us have come across American Mistletoe, the white or green-berried parasitic plant hung in doorways during the holiday season to elicit kisses from those standing beneath it. Reputed to be the “kiss of death,” Mistletoe (the Phoradendron species is found in North America) is said by some…

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Was Rudolph A Boy Or A Girl Reindeer?
Each Christmas season we hear the story of the eight flying reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh all over the world in one night. And don’t forget Rudolph too! But what made Santa choose reindeer to help him accomplish this feat? Wouldn’t elephants, with their huge flappable ears, make a better…

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Don’t Miss The Geminid Meteor Shower This Week
December night sky is busy.  We’ll see the Geminid meteor shower, which should be a good one this year because of the new moon.  And later in the month we have the the Winter solstice— the first day of winter. The Geminid’s Meteors Should Be Easy to See The night…

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Are Our Christmas Poinsettias Really Flowers?
Poinsettias seem to be everywhere during the the holiday season— schools, homes, offices and everywhere in between. But how many of us have seen a poinsettia in the wild?  And what’s a plant doing blooming right as winter is beginning? Just where did this plant come from? What Exactly Is…

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