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What Should You Do When Birds Collide With A Window?
As spring continues and bird activity is peaking, you’ve probably noticed birds colliding with your windows, especially if you live in a wooded area. This is a common but huge problem that takes the lives of millions of birds annually. What can you do to keep birds from your windows?…

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Don’t Miss This Sunday’s Solar Eclipse
This Sunday will bring the first solar eclipse visible in the continental US in 18 years. Unfortunately, it will only be visible in the Western and Southwestern US towards the end of the day. But those of us in the Eastern US and other regions can watch courtesy of the…

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Do Whales Have Wax In Their Ears?
In short, yes they do.  And while some may find it a less than appealing subject, the earwax of some whale species has a tale to tell. It turns out that, much like the age of a tree can be determined by studying its trunk, the age of certain whales…

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Why Do Cowbirds Lay Eggs In Other Birds’ Nests?
After reading a recent blog entry about brood parasitism in cliff swallows, a number of readers wanted to know more about the well-known sort of brood parasitism practiced by cowbirds. If a vote were taken tomorrow to find the most popular bird in the country, it’s doubtful that the cowbird…

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Who’s Making All That Racket After Dark?  Some Birds Sing Through The Night
Is something (or someone) keeping you awake these spring nights?  Waking you up before sunrise? Many questions come to eNature about night birds calling and other weird and incessant noises in the dark.  It seems that there’s a lot of activity taking place when most of us expect our birds…

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