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Not Just For Halloween:  Orange And Black Costumes Are Found In Nature Too
It’s almost Halloween, the time for orange and black: orange-and-black costumes, orange-and-black decorations, even orange-and-black candies. People favor these colors because it’s a tradition. But what prompts some animals to cloak themselves in orange and black? Probably the most renown orange-and-black creature is the tiger, several species of which still…

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Why Are Bats, Spiders And Even Owls Considered The Scary Creatures of Halloween?
In most people’s minds, Halloween means vampires and witches, bats, owls and spiders. Even the mere mention of these creatures sends shivers through some folks. Vampires and witches—a fear of them is understandable. But what is it about bats, owls, and spiders that makes people associate them with evil? One…

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What’s The Best Birdseed To Use For Fall Feeding?
This is about the time of the year when most people think about feeding birds in their backyards. We’re not sure why this happens only in autumn, because feeding birds throughout the year has many rewards. Yet, autumn is the time when bird seed sales are held, and bird feeders…

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Tarantulas Are Busy Around Halloween, But They’re Not Trick or Treating
With Halloween around the corner, lots of folks are thinking about spiders such as tarantulas—as well as bats, ghouls and other scary creatures. But it turns out that tarantulas have a lot more on their mind this month than trick or treating. It’s mating time for tarantulas. And the story…

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The Fungus Among Us— Avoiding Poisonous Mushrooms
With all the rain the East Coast has received in the past month from assorted hurricanes and tropical storms, mushrooms have been popping up all over.  And as you might expect, there’s been a sharp increase in reports of people poisoned by eating wild mushrooms.  When we recently tweeted the…

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