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What Happens To Birds When Hurricanes Hit?
Hurricane Irene is off the Bahamas and threatening large stretches of the East Coast of the US as we post this entry. While Irene’s wind, rain and storm surge will certainly affect many people, some folks are also wondering about the effects it will have on birds in the places…

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What’s a Pawpaw Taste Like?  And Where Can You Find One?
Pawpaw season will arrive soon in the Eastern US.  So just what is a pawpaw, other than something many of us sang about as children? And what the heck does one taste like? It’s actually an interesting story… The Common Pawpaw is the northernmost New World representative of a chiefly…

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Be Sure To Catch The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower This Week
The annual Perseid meteor shower should be visible in the night sky this week, with the peak expected Wednesday through Friday nights.  And while the full moon will make it harder to catch meteors in the night sky this year than others, there still will be plenty of them up…

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How Many Teeth Does A Shark Really Have?
Wouldn’t it be nice if our teeth replaced themselves whenever we needed a fresh set? No more drills. No more crowns. No more denture adhesives. That’s what happens to sharks. In fact, some sharks replace their teeth every few weeks. The teeth inside a shark’s mouth are arranged in rows,…

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What Happens To Young Birds Once They’ve Left Their Nest?
It’s happening all around us right now— young birds are leaving their nests and striking out on their own.  But how do they make the transition from fledgling to adult? A lot of us think that baby birds grow up in a family that stays together and migrates south together.…

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