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The Real Story About Snake’s Jaws And How They Can Consume Such Large Meals
Never eat anything bigger than your head. That’s just good advice. Unless you are a snake, of course. It’s said that a snake can eat an item so large in relation to its own head that it would be the equivalent of a human swallowing a watermelon whole—and without using…

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How Do Woodpeckers Avoid Brain Damage?
There’s a reason construction workers don’t operate jackhammers with their foreheads. Well, there are several reasons, but one is to avoid concussions. But what protects the woodpecker from similar injuries? For starters, the woodpecker maintains a perfectly straight strike as it bores into a tree — like a machine almost…

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Where Did All Those Hummingbirds Come From?
Noticed a sudden increase in the number of hummingbirds at the feeders this month? It’s not your imagination, nor is it an invasion of birds from somewhere else. It’s the new crop of youngsters. The young birds of the year look like their mothers at first, regardless of sex. And…

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It Takes A Family To Raise A Bird
This is a busy time of year for wildlife, particularly in the world of birds.  Young birds are fledging and starting to show up through out our yards, woodlands and open places. And for some bird species, fledging the latest brood involves the whole family The parents in some bird…

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The Great Outdoors Are Safer Than Most Of Us Think They Are
This week’s Grizzly Bear attack in Yellowstone prompted several folks to ask us to rerun this story from a few months back. It’s a lot safer out there than TV’s Shark Week or When Animals Attack would lead you to believe. Sometimes fear serves us well. It keeps us from…

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Why Do Do Goldfinches Wait Until July To Begin Nesting?
By July, most songbirds are in the final stages of raising their young, but not the American Goldfinches. These appealing, colorful birds are just getting started.  Notoriously late nesters, goldfinches have been waiting for the thistles to bloom. When this happens in July, it signals the goldfinches that they can…

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