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The Worst Baby Names Ever?
We all know about colts, calves and eaglets—but even experienced naturalists sometimes can’t remember the names for certain species. The various and oftentimes bizarre names used to describe animal offspring are often stumpers to even the best Trivial Pursuit player. For example, a baby toad is called, appropriately enough, a…

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Quacking Frogs?
Don’t assume that because you hear some quacking it’s ducks making the sound. It’s the season for quacking frogs in much of the country. With the first warm, thawing rain of the spring, Wood Frogs emerge from their winter quarters—under logs or beneath leaf litter—and migrate to their favorite woodland…

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Bandit Snakes— Why Does A Rattlesnake Wear A “Mask”?
Those dark marks on a rattlesnake’s face are not there to reduce glare. Unlike outfielders and quarterbacks, whose black facial stripes help their vision, a rattlesnake wears a mask for other reasons. One is to disrupt the snake’s facial outline. A snake with stripes across its face is more difficult…

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