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Sudden Color In The Desert
It’s almost March, and the desert is about to blossom with color.  Early spring is the time of year to catch the desert’s wildflowers during their spectacular bloom. The canyons, arroyos, flats, peaks, and washes of the Southwest depend on rainfall in the autumn and winter for their spring colors.…

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Matters of the Heart
Think those heart-shaped boxes of Valentine’s chocolates are impressive? Compared to the size of a human heart perhaps. But a whale’s heart dwarfs even those samplers that require weightlifters to hoist them. Picture a heart the size of a car. That’s what a Blue Whale possesses—a heart that deserves its…

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Valentine’s Day?  Not For Birds
Unlike humans, who seize the opportunity at Valentine’s Day to proclaim their love for their mate and reinforce the bonds of love over a lifetime, most birds are of a different feather. The use of DNA by scientists has provided new food for thought to people who had assumed that…

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