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Reindeer:  Was Rudolph Actually Female?
Each Christmas season we hear the stories of the eight tiny, flying reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh all over the world in one night, not to mention the all the hoopla about Rudolph and his red nose. But what made Santa choose reindeer to help him accomplish this feat? Wouldn’t…

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December’s Busy Night Sky
December will feature the Geminid meteor shower and a lunar eclipse.  Both should be clearly visible in the night sky and experts expect both will be worth staying up for this year.  And we also see the Winter solstice— the first day of winter. The Geminid’s Meteors Should Be Easy…

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Rare Fox Species Emerges in California’s Mountains
This past weekend news outlets reported new sightings of the very rare Sierra Nevada red fox, a sub-species of the red fox classified as “threatened” by the state of California.  Over the past few months, several sightings have been reported and biologists are excited at the prospects of the fox’s…

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