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Loading eNature Apps On To Your iPhone and iPod Touch

eNature's apps are a great way to learn more about nature and the creatures that inhabit it. Our apps are free, and we hope you'll find them as fun and informative while you're using them as we did while creating them.

So how does this work?

You can load our apps directly to your iPhone by just accessing Apple's Appstore via the icon on your iPhone or iPod touch, then simply search for the "Mating Game" when you're there.

You can also load the Mating Game app via your home PC by using iTunes to access the Appstore, searching for the "Mating Game" in the Apps section of iTunes and then synching your iPhone or iPod touch. Just follow this link:

While eNature's mobile apps are free, we do ask that you register and sign up for eNature's email newsletter.

Questions? You can always get in touch by email:



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